All the Lifeline packages are based on a rental agreement. As such, the equipment remains the property of VNC Lifeline. If you choose to cancel the agreement at any time, you must return the equipment to VNC Lifeline (you must pay the P&P), or you may be liable for the purchase price of the equipment.

   When your order is received, we will either contact you to arrange a convenient date for installation, or we will post your equipment out, first class, for you to install yourself.

   Quarterly Plan – The amount you pay when you order on-line is the set-up cost (£10 or £40), plus one quarter up front of £38.87. Once your Lifeline is set up, you will receive a quarterly invoice thereafter. Invoices are issued in Jan, April, July and Oct. Depending on when your Lifeline was set up during the given quarter, your first invoice will reflect the difference if you have overpaid at the set-up stage.

   Annual Plan – Your initial payment is for your first year of the Lifeline service. We will contact you in month 11 to find out if you would like to continue on the Annual Plan offer.

   Line for Line – The one-off payment of £699 is a life-long payment. You will not need to pay anything for the monitoring of your Lifeline ever again.

   There is a 21 day “cooling off” period after joining Lifeline, where you can ask VNC Lifeline to cancel the agreement.

   All costs detailed do not include VAT. When we receive your order we will send you a VAT Exemption form, as most of our customers qualify for VAT exemption through age or medical conditions.

   When you rent the equipment from us, and you experience technical difficulties/breakdown, we will endeavour to diagnose and fix the problem over the telephone in the first instance. If the problem cannot be resolved in this way, we will post a new unit and pendant out to you within 3 working days. You must then return the damaged equipment to VNC Lifeline by post (the customer must pay the P&P cost).

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