pauline daniels our lifeline ambassador

We are delighted and privileged to have Pauline Daniels, local actress and comedienne as our Ambassador. Pauline has a large heart and a real and genuine interest in the service. She is passionate that more people know about Lifeline and that the service is accessed more by our elderly and often lonely, generation. We are so pleased to have Pauline on board. She is a star!

Message from Pauline:

In September last year, my lovely mum had two strokes. She was lucky I suppose in as much as she didn’t lose her speech or the use of her limbs. However, she did lose her sight and when she came home from hospital she was very much dependable on a very similar system to Lifeline. For me that was piece of mind. She sadly has recently gone into residential care and as an only child, all the responsibility falls to me and I had no choice. If I had a choice, I would choose Lifeline every time so that any of our elderly loved ones would be able to keep their independence whilst knowing that should they need help, then it is there.


The units cost only £2.99 a week, and the scheme was funded by the City Council for many until very recently. Sadly, because of government cuts that funding has stopped, so now many individuals have to find the £2.99 themselves. Now that might not sound like a lot, but if you are on a budget then any extra can be a problem and sadly many can now not afford to have their Lifeline any more.


That’s why funding is needed and awareness of the service and the problems of not having it, need to be brought to people’s attention! After all, we are all living longer and no matter how we try we can’t avoid the fact that we need to feel safe; and if we can feel safe in our own homes then obviously we won’t be a drain on the system. We are a proud nation and lots of us would rather look after ourselves than let others do it for us – that’s why Lifeline is exactly what it says:, it’s a LIFELINE for so many!


Merseyside is an amazing caring part of the world. Let’s show our appreciation to our elderly members of our communities and let’s see if we can help in any way possible. If you can’t afford money you may be able to afford the time to go and talk to that neighbour that lives on their own who just might be lonely, and in need of Lifeline or a friendly face and a caring ear just for a chat.


Can you help? please have a think about what you can do, and if you can, then please help by maybe nominating an elderly person who you think could use a Lifeline unit. Or, sponsor your own recycled teenager and help pay for the unit for those who can’t, because no matter how we look at it, we are all going to get old one day!


Oops, too late I’m already there! "PLEASE HELP!”


Lots of love,


Pauline Daniels

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