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Today (1st February) is Dignity Action Day 2017 - an annual opportunity for health and social care workers (and service providers) to uphold the right to dignity, of those who use care services. We at VNC Lifeline are absolutely committed to supporting this through the telecare service we provide.

Baroness Joan Bakewell, Dignity in Care Ambassador says "Dignity Action Day highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people".  This should not be confined to physical care services, but also to remote telecare monitoring.  We seek to show dignity and respect to all our customers in the way in which we respond to their calls and deal with their emergency.

We pride ourselves in treating every customer with the respect they deserve, and as such, we:

  • Address each customer personally when they press their alarm (most like us to call them by their first name as it makes them feel special)
  • Calling each customer on their birthday to wish them many happy returns
  • Deal with their request for emergency help promptly, but always in a personal and individual way. 

Our calls response service is not a broad brush, single approach.  Rather, we discuss with every client what is their preferred escalation procedure in an emergency, and who they would like us to contact for them. 

Telecare allows people to stay living independently at home for longer, rather than having to go into full time care.  With negative stories of bad practice or even absue in care settings; there is more reason than ever for services providers to ensure that every elderly and vulnerable person's dignity is upheld.


Extract from our Welcome Pack issued to all customers when they join our service, demonstrating our commitment to our service values.

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