Surviving the Winter: The Elderly and Vulnerable

Elderly lady in Winter

Winter, with its cold and dark nights can be cruel for some. Those who are housebound or frail, those who live alone or who are isolated with few family/friends nearby can find it particularly difficult.

Whether it's worrying about how to pay the fuel bill with having to put the heating on more, or fear of falling on ice in the path when putting the wheelie bin out, or worrying about the impact on health of being immobile and not being able to move around to keep warm, Winter is tough - particularly during period like Halloween and Bonfire Night. Sadly, times have changed and people don't routinely call in and check in on their neighbours like they used to - which can leave some people feeling really lonely and isolated.

This is where having a Lifeline alarm can be so valuable - giving people the reassurance of having a button there to press, 24 hours a day when someone is afraid or becomes ill.  And that's what we at VNC Lifeline are committed to - helping people feel safe and independent in their own home.

If you have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour or loved one, you can arrange a Lifeline alarm for them - for just £2.99 a week.  It will help them to feel safe in their own home and could even safe their life!

Supporting Winter Survival on Merseyside...

 Lisa at event 2

We're committed to supporting the wider Winter Survival Campaign that takes place annually in Liverpool.  Yesterday we were at the launch event at Radio Merseyside - promoting the benefits of Lifeline this Winter.  We're also having a stand at the main showcase event at St.George's Hall on Wednesday 9th November, so if you're in the area, come and speak to us and take advantage of the free installation offer we'll be promoting on our stand!


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