24hr Emergency Pendant Alarm

We install a base unit that is connected to your phone line, and you wear a ‘trigger’ pendant (either around your neck or wrist). You can then press for help whenever you need it, and speak directly to Lifeline’s Contact Centre, where a friendly voice will be able to help you. Even if you cannot speak, the operator will know who is calling and can arrange for help from relatives, neighbours or the emergency services.

When we install and demonstrate the equipment we will take details of any medical conditions you may have, along with your doctor’s details. You can also nominate as many contacts as you wish (normally family, friends or neighbours) for us to inform, if you need assistance.

All of this information is stored securely within our Contact Centre and is automatically displayed if you press your pendant, or a sensor is activated, so we will know who you are even if you are unable to speak.

Depending on the cause of the alarm and whether we can talk to you we will arrange for one of your contacts to call or contact the appropriate emergency service.

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