Lifeline Dispersed Alarm equipment will be installed and maintained by VNC Lifeline, enabling you to ask for assistance from the 24 hour control room when there is an emergency.

VNC Lifeline will provide a 24 hour call monitoring service from its’ control room and will, at its’ discretion, contact your relatives, neighbours, friends, doctors, medical professionals, carers or emergency services as seem appropriate when we receive an alarm call.

When the service begins, you will be asked to give us information that will help VNC Lifeline to provide a responsive and effective service. This information could include details such as personal contacts, regular carer services, known medical conditions, doctors’ details and details of any keyholders. VNC Lifeline will keep this information confidential. It is your responsibility to tell the Lifeline control room of any changes to the information which you have given us, and to give us any additional information that could be useful in an emergency.

VNC Lifeline obligations – what we will do

We keep the information you give us on a computer. This information is covered by the Data Protection Act 1984 (and any later amendments). If an emergency occurs we may have to give some of this information to Emergency Services to help you. Apart from this, we will not pass this information to anyone else without your permission.

All calls to the Lifeline service are recorded on a voice recorder (O.F.T.E.L requirements).

VNC Lifeline will not install equipment where it could be a hazard or danger to you or anyone else in your home. For example, extension cables will not be fitted where they could cause someone to trip. Where we find a fault with a telephone landline or electricity supply, you must have these repaired before we can fit the VNC Lifeline equipment.

The VNC Lifeline equipment will be connected to the primary incoming telephone socket by our engineer. This is essential so that any emergency call made on the equipment has priority and connects directly to the control room without delay. You need to know that this arrangement will mean that any other telephone on the premises will be overridden when the Lifeline equipment is being used.

VNC Lifeline accepts no liability for any act, omission or decision of it’s’ servants or agents, nor for any defect or failure of equipment or breakdown in service, however caused.

Customers’ obligations – what you must do

The Dispersed Alarm equipment installed in your home is the property of VNC Lifeline. When the service ends, for any reason, the equipment must be returned to VNC Lifeline or collection arranged.

VNC Lifeline expects you to take reasonable care of all equipment installed in your home. Deliberate or negligent damage or loss of equipment will be charged at the full current replacement cost.

You are asked to add the equipment to your household insurance; the replacement cost for a standard unit & pendant is about £150. VNC Lifeline will give you an accurate cost for your equipment if you ask.

The equipment must not be removed from your address without the permission of VNC Lifeline.

You must notify the control room of any faults with the equipment. Control room staff will try to find the fault and sort out the problem over the phone. If this is not possible, Lifeline staff will arrange to visit your home to repair or replace the equipment as soon as can be arranged. Every effort will be made to arrange a convenient time for home visits although we cannot guarantee this. Routine repairs are normally carried out free of charge.

You must agree to allow VNC Lifeline employees reasonable access to your home to install, service or remove Lifeline equipment. VNC Lifeline employees will always be able to produce proof of their identity.

You are asked to make regular test calls to the control room (once a month is suggested) to make sure the equipment is working properly.

Lifeline equipment must not be used to send abusive, offensive, malicious or menacing messages. If we find the equipment has been misused we may remove it from your home and end this agreement.

If an emergency call results in forced entry being made to your home, you will have to pay the cost of securing your home and any repairs that are needed. You are recommended to talk to VNC Lifeline about fitting a Keysafe to avoid this issue.

If you are going to be away from home for a significant time (greater than one week) please notify us before you go and when you return so that we can take appropriate action if needed.

Exceptions Applying to Purchase of Equipment

Lifeline recognize that many customers choose to purchase the equipment rather than rent.

All the statements above apply to people purchasing the equipment except those relating to maintenance, title or our rights to recover the equipment.

Customers who choose to buy their equipment from us are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Lifeline may introduce services to help maintain and extend the lifetime of equipment.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

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