Do I have to live in Liverpool, or the North West to have a Lifeline alarm?

Not at all. You can have our Lifeline service anywhere in the UK (provided that you have a UK telephone landline). You simply pay £10 to have the equipment sent to you to install yourself, and you pay the weekly monitoring fee thereafter. If you need help in an emergency we will arrange for your contacts, or the emergency services in your area to assist you.

I am installing the equipment myself, but am unsure how it will work with my internet connection?

If you are installing our Lifeline unit yourself, but you already have both phone and wireless routers plugged into your phone socket, do not worry. This shouldn’t cause problems with installing the Lifeline phone jack. It very common for our clients to have internet/wireless routers from a range of third party internet providers. If your broadband or television has a ASDL filter it will be o,k as these are commonly used in conjunction with telecare equipment. Filters are attached so that if the equipment or alarms are triggered they will still work even if the TV and broadband are being used. You simply need to insert the phone cable which is connected to our base unit (which will be attached when the equipment arrives) into your internet filter.

How do I get help if I press the pendant?

When you press your pendant, one of our operators will answer you, through your lifeline unit, on average in under 7 seconds.

When we speak to you we will already know who you are, your address and your other details. We will discuss the problem with you to decide the best course of action to take. This might be to ask one of your registered contacts to visit you, or it might be to call one of the emergency services or it might be that no further action is needed.

If you are not able to speak to us we will speak to one of your contacts or the emergency services to make sure you are safe and well.

We will always try and agree with you the action we are about to take. Some customers are reluctant to involve the emergency services. Your wellbeing is the most important thing to us and if we think you need emergency help it may be necessary for us to go against your wishes to make sure you are safe. We will always act in what we believe is your best interest.

What if I am hard of hearing and can't hear the person at the end of the line?

The alarm units are designed to pick up noise from around your home so even those hard of hearing should be able to hear the voice at the end of the Lifeline. Furthermore, our staff are trained to speak slowly, loudly and clearly to make sure that you can hear what they are saying.

Do I have to have contacts?

If there is no-one living close to you who you trust with this role, you do not have to have contacts, but we strongly ask that you nominate at least one person who we can contact if you need help. If you need someone to call round to your home in response to a problem, if you have no contacts, we may have no choice other than to call one of the emergency services.

What if I press my pendant by mistake?

Don’t be worried if you press it by mistake. All it means is that someone in our Contact Centre will speak to you to check that everything is ok, and that you don’t actually need assistance.

Can more than one person in the house have a pendant?

Yes. Additional pendants in the same house (e.g. for you and a spouse) can be connected to the alarm unit for an extra £1 per pendant per month. (e.g. two pendants programmed to the same box costs £3.99 a week)

What happens if I no longer need the Lifeline equipment?

If you have had the Lifeline service installed to help you with a temporary problem, we can arrange to remove the equipment. We strongly urge you not to cancel your Lifeline service simply because you may not have used it for a while; the service is there to give you peace of mind that help is available whenever you need it.

However, you are not tied into any contract meaning that you have to keep the alarm for a set period of time. If your circumstances change and you no longer need the Lifeline, you may cancel it at any time, provided you give us 30 days notice.  This notice can be given either verbally (but please call us through the Lifeline equipment, or on 0151 298 2440, so the call is recorded) or in writing (by post, or email )

What happens if Lifeline equipment becomes faulty?

We understand the importance of your Lifeline service and are serious about protecting it for your peace of mind. We only select PASA recommended equipment as this certifies the equipment is reliable and robust and complies with current legislation.

Your Lifeline unit has a back-up battery which will keep it working for several hours if it becomes unplugged or your electricity supply fails. It will also sound an alarm to tell you that power to the unit has failed. It automatically sends an alarm to our control centre and we will call you to see what the problem is and to restore the power.

Your Lifeline unit relies on your telephone line so it is important to make sure that your line is working and any telephones are “on the hook” after using them (particularly if you have hands-free phones). We recommend that you test your unit at least once a month to make sure everything is working.

Do I have to pay for the Lifeline service?

There is a weekly rental charge for having the Lifeline service (this is detailed in the ‘Cost’ section of the site). This simply covers the cost of ensuring that someone is available at the end of the line, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are a not for profit organisation and as such we aim to keep the rental costs as minimal as possible. In fact, our weekly rental charge has not increased in over 15 years.

Do I still have to pay for my Lifeline service if I am away?

Because you have the equipment it is necessary to pay rental on it whether used or not, in the same way as you would pay for a telephone or rented TV set. If you are going to be away it helps to tell us when you leave and return. This allows us to know what is happening and will help us decide what to do if there is an alarm while you are away.

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