We believe we are THE CHEAPEST provider of a 'Lifeline Personal Alarm' for the elderly in the UK.

 The Comparision table below shows prices from some other telecare providers:

 VNC LifelineLifeline 24Telecare24Telecare ChoiceAge UKCentra
Set-up Cost £10 (self connect set up)
£40 (engineer install)
£39 (one off set up)
No engineer option
£45 (one off set up)
£69 (engineer install)
£39 (one off set up)
No engineer option
£69 (one off set up)
£129 (engineer install)
£30 (one off set up)
£55 (engineer install)
Monthly Fee £12.96 £12.49 £13.99 £12.00 £13.88 £12.41
Annual Plan
12 for 9 mths
12 for 9 mths
12 for 9 mths
Yearly plan (£124) No 12 for 10 mths
Lifetime Plan
No No No No
Additional Products
(key safe, falls etc)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Contract No No No No No No
TSA Accreditation Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

*Comparisons based on publicly available website information, correct at 28/9/16, and will be updated on a monthly basis.

**VNC Lifeline is part of Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council.

Why choose Lifeline:

Tunstall UK designed & manufactured equipment with 50m range within the property

Flexible & discreet alarm button wearing options (either pendant, wristband or belt-clip)

Shower proof pendant

Two-way communication in an emergency

TSA accredited Alarm Receiving Centre

Answering over 176,000 calls a year

Professional and empathic call responders

Range of additional telecare equipment available

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