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An innovative expansion to our ‘at-home’ Lifeline alarm service sees us now providing a retail telecare solution for businesses who are looking to protect their most valuable asset: their staff. BusinessCall protects staff or workers who are at risk in their place of work (typically front end staff in shops). Workers may be at risk from physical violence, verbal threats and intimidation, attempted robbery and much more, and it is an employer’s duty of care to keep their staff safe from harm. What’s more, staff themselves will feel more confident and will panic less and make rational decisions in an emergency.

How does BusinessCall work?

As a 24hr Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we can monitor an SOS alarm in any retail/business setting 365 days a year. A telecare base unit is installed in the premises, with a linked-in panic or SOS button which can placed on the worker/s’ wrist, or underneath the counter (or both) and in an emergency situation, it can be pressed and help immediately summoned. Recognising that the situation may be extremely dangerous (e.g. an attempted robbery or burglary is taking place), then we can establish protocols whereby we don’t speak, but silently listen to the situation whilst alerting the police. Additionally, code words can be set up which can be used in such situations.

Each BusinessCall unit costs as little as £2.99 per week to monitor (subject to a one-off installation cost). Volume discounts may apply.

Interested Retail Owner?

If you are interested in a BusinessCall service for your business, please contact our Sales team on 0151 482 2533. We can discuss your requirements, and tailor a package and price to suit your needs.

Case Study

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A new pilot project ‘CountyCall‘ was launched in October 2015 on County Road in Liverpool, aimed at making the busy shopping street in North Liverpool, a safer place to work and shop. County Road had suffered a large number of attempted burglaries over the past few years, and the impact on staff and shoppers – as well as retailers’ loss of trade and damage to property - was significant, which is why the initiative is so vital.

An SOS alarm system was discreetly installed in 75 retail units; monitored by our Control Centre, with agreed protocols for when required in an burglary or other emergency. This was to particularly benefit businesses associated with the night time economy.

Commenting on the project Councillor Roy Gladden, Chair of the Mary Portas High Street Innovation Fund, said: “We’re determined to make County Road one of the best shopping districts in the city again. The social impact of this project is huge in terms of acting as a deterrent for criminals, reassuring retailers and shoppers and supporting our wider commitment to the ongoing regeneration of North Liverpool.”

Terry May, Chair of County Road CiC, who owns the bars ‘Segura’ and ‘Bernie May’s’ on County Road, added: “Everyone should feel safe at work. There is a sense of fear amongst staff, and we as business owners are responsible for their wellbeing and protection, so we are delighted with the introduction of CountyCall.”

The project is being jointly funded through the Mayor’s Neighbourhood Fund in conjunction with County CIC, and has also attracted interest from other partner organisations including Everton FC who are sponsoring part of the project within their ‘Blue Mile’ initiative in the County Road area.

Every retailer taking part in CountyCall will have the 'CountyCall' sticker in their window to show they are involved in the scheme.

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